A list of articles on Prophet Jesus Christ Son of Mary (Peace and Blessings be upon him)

  1. Is Jesus Christ always the Light of the world?  
  2. Disciples and their followers did not worship Jesus as God
  3. Jesus Christ refutes the doctrine of Original Sin
  4. Is Christianity the true way?
  5. The Gospel of Christ reject Christianity to be the way of Christ 
  6. Christ is a servant of God and he is still coming back as a Man 
  7. Is Christ the Creator or a Created Being?
  8. Bible portrays the second coming Christ as Islamic Christ
  9. Christ is called the Lamb of God and Lamb cannot be sacrificed for the sins   
  10. Christ Commanded to Build the Kingdom of God not Christendom
  11. Christ will not die until he return and rule in his kingdom
  12. An Introduction to the Messianic Muslims